Simple Ways to Elevate Your Porch for Spring and Summer

Spring is officially here! It’s time to start planning your porch decor for the warmer months, but it can seem daunting with all the Pinterest inspo pictures circulating the internet. Sprucing up your porch should be fun and exciting – and this year, it’s all about adding warmth, color, and personality to your outdoor spaces. 

The goal is to create a space where people feel comfortable and welcome walking up to your home. Whether it’s your delivery driver dropping off your latest package or a friend coming to visit, your porch is the first thing people see when they approach your home, so you should make it a reflection of you. 

The most important thing you can do is have a good time with it and pull your favorite elements together to create something you love. If you’re wondering where to start or how to take your porch to the next level this year, here are a few of our favorite ideas you can incorporate! 

1. Use warm, welcoming colors 

If you haven’t already noticed, warm tones are trending right now and we are loving it! Adding warm-colored flowers, furniture, and even a doormat can help bring your space to life and make your home feel more welcoming. 

If you want to get really creative, you could even paint your front door a different color to match the upcoming season and pull the entire look together. If you don’t want to make that permanent of a change, use your door’s color to pull in tones that compliment it and each other. 

2. Get some outdoor furniture 

When you think of outdoor furniture, your mind probably automatically thinks of bulky backyard patio furniture that would never fit on your front porch. Or if you tried to put it on your front porch, it might look a little strange. According to Living Spaces, “More people are using the front porch as an extension of outdoor living spaces. It is not only about maximizing space for everyday living – it is also to welcome our neighbors and visitors.” 

If you have the space, putting subtle furniture on your front porch can make a huge difference. You could get some chairs, a small table, or even a porch swing to start out! 

3. Work with your space 

Not everyone has a massive wraparound porch with room for an entire furniture set. And that’s perfectly fine! You want to work with what you have to give your home the custom front porch look that works best with the design and space (one reason copying a Pinterest photo probably won’t do you much good). 

First, you’ll want to measure your space. Measure your door width, door height, space from the floor to ceiling, and how much room you have on the ground. Next, you can use those dimensions to pick out pieces that will fit nicely within the scale of your porch. This will give it a classy, timeless, elevated look. 

4. Utilize plants and greenery 

There’s no better way to add life to your home than decorating it with plants! There are so many options out there when it comes to flowers and greenery, and you really can’t go wrong. Once you pick out your plants, you can find planters and baskets to put them in! If you want an elevated look, get planters in different heights and shapes. This will add a lot of dimension and interest to your front porch! 

You’ll also want to pick out planters that coordinate, but they don’t necessarily have to match. Getting a variety will elevate your porch and make it look like a professional designed it! Another tip – if you struggle keeping plants alive, faux plants are the next best thing. There are so many realistic faux plants to choose from that would look beautiful on a front porch. 

5. Get the right wreath 

Shopping for a wreath can be tricky, especially when it’s not a holiday-themed wreath. The secret to finding the perfect wreath for your door is finding the right size! If you have a big door with a small wreath, it won’t look quite right and it’ll bring the entire look of your porch down. On the other hand, if you have a small door with a huge wreath, it will overtake the porch and draw attention away from all the other elements. 

The perfect wreath won’t look too small or too large on your door – it will simply add to the design and elevate the entire look. 

6. Pay attention to your front yard landscaping 

You can have the cutest porch in the neighborhood, but if your front yard is full of weeds, it won’t have the same effect. Staying on top of your front yard will keep your curb appeal high and give your home the welcoming feel you’re looking for. Spending just one hour per week working on your yard can make all the difference! 

These simple upgrades can make a huge difference to your home’s appearance. Whether you’re planning a full overhaul of your porch or you want some simple upgrades, following these tips can help make your life easier! For more information and design tips, visit our blog and follow our Instagram page. 



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