Pointed View got its name from the architecture of the home. It features a lot of unique, funky angles, and nothing in the home is square or rectangular. For example, the ceiling in the kitchen comes to a point, which is mimicked by the countertop coming to a point as well. The fireplace has a point, overhangs on certain windows have points, and so on. Combined with the gorgeous views of Snow Canyon, black lava, green glasses, and blue skies, “Pointed View” seemed like the right fit.

We would best describe this home as modern, sleek, new age, minimalistic, ultra clean, and comfortable. The indoor living space connects seamlessly to the outdoor living space, which features a unique pool, several fire pits, a spa, and a lava wall to create privacy. The spa and pool are separated by stepping stones, and crossing those stones is the only way to get across the yard. It is a unique home with beautiful, modern features throughout.