How to Create the Perfect Workspace for Your Kids

School is officially back in session! You know what that means – kids are starting up homework again, getting creative with school projects, and settling into a routine. If you are building a custom home or looking to remodel your current home, you might be thinking about adding a designated workspace for your kids to do their homework and let their creativity shine. After the pandemic hit and everyone had to switch to online school for a while, we saw a lot more clients wanting to add this type of feature into their home. Plus, what kid doesn’t love their own space to work on their school and personal projects?

Whether you’re building a new home, planning on renovating a designated space in your home, or you simply want to set up a temporary workspace for your kids to thrive, we have some tips that will help you make the most of the space! Here are a few things you should consider when building the perfect workspace for your kids: 

1. Get a spacious desk 

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a workspace is the desk. It’s where your kids will be spending the majority of their time, so you want to make sure it’s big enough for them to spread out their work and materials. If you’re short on space, consider getting a wall-mounted desk or a compact desk that can tuck into a corner. 

If you have the room for a long desk, this would be ideal (especially if you have multiple kids who will use the space). There are so many darling desks to choose from, and our favorites include drawers and storage so your little ones can keep the space nice and tidy! 

2. Add a comfortable chair 

Another key piece of furniture in any workspace is, of course, a comfortable chair! A good chair will help your kids stay focused and comfortable while they’re working. You can even get chairs that are adjustable so they can customize it to fit their needs and it can grow right along with them.  

If you’re designating an entire room to your kids’ “office” space, you might want to consider adding multiple seating options. Not all kids do best sitting at a desk in a desk chair, so you could add a Lovesac, a sofa, a swinging chair, or even a comfortable recliner. The options are endless, so just go with what you know your kids like! 

3. Utilize organization bins 

Once you have a desk, you’ll want to make sure your kids have a place to store all of their materials. Organization bins are great for this! You can get them in all different sizes, colors, and materials – so there’s definitely something out there that will fit your style. If you’re short on space, try hanging some wall pockets or baskets above the desk so they can easily grab whatever they need while they’re working. 

4. Built in drawers and cabinets 

If you’re really looking to go all out with the workspace, consider adding some built-in storage into the room. This could include things like cabinets, shelves, and drawers. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of extra space in the room for storage bins and baskets. Plus, it looks really sleek and put-together! You could even add a designated place for a computer screen. 

5. Have plenty of outlets 

If you’re building out an entire room for your kids to use as their workspace, make sure there are plenty of outlets! This will come in handy when they need to plug in laptops, chargers, and any other electronics they might be using. You might even want to consider adding some USB ports into the mix so they can easily charge their devices while they’re working. 

6. Make sure there’s natural light 

One of the best things you can do for any workspace is to make sure there’s plenty of natural light. Not only does it help to keep the space bright and cheery, but it can also boost your kids’ mood and productivity. If you don’t have a lot of windows in the room, consider adding a skylight or two. You could even install some mirror tiles on the wall to help reflect light and make the space feel bigger. 

If you don’t have the option to add windows or skylights, you could always purchase a lamp that mimics sunlight! These are great for spaces that are naturally a little darker. Natural light is crucial for creativity, so this is an important one. 

7. Add inspiring decor 

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some inspiring decor to the space! This could include things like wall art, motivational quotes, fun desk accessories, and more. You want your kids to feel motivated and inspired when they’re working, so make sure the space reflects that! We love seeing how creative our clients get with this part of the design. If you need help gathering decor, our designers are always happy to share their input.  
Creating a designated workspace for your kids doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming – with a little bit of planning, you can easily set up a space that is both functional and stylish! If you need help creating the perfect workspace for your kids (or any other part of your home), our team at Split Rock Custom Homes would be more than happy to help! Contact us today to get started on your custom home build, or follow us on Instagram @splitrockcustomhomes for inspiration.



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