10 Calming Bedroom Color Schemes to Use in Your Custom Build

Color Schemes used in Model Homes in St. George, Utah

The construction process on your custom build is nearing the end—you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! One of the final steps before moving day is to choose paint colors for your new house. But did you know that picking the right colors for your home is one of the most critical choices you’ll make for your home? In addition to making your home look vibrant and colorful, the color scheme you use in your paint and decor for your bedroom walls can actually affect the way you feel in your primary bedroom.

Your bedroom plays an important role in your home. It’s where you wake up ready to greet each day, and where you wind down and relax each night. You’ve already designed the bedroom of your dreams; now it’s time to make sure that it becomes a sanctuary of rest and relaxation.

Here are 10 of the best bedroom color schemes that you can use in your custom build, many of which have been used in model homes in St. George, Utah. These color palettes will help you calm your busy mind and unwind after a long day:

Light Blue

According to color psychology, blue is the ultimate calming color. It conveys a sense of stability, trust, and cleanliness. In lighter shades, blue walls can remind you of a clear summer sky, or the sun shining on the ocean. Filling your bedroom with light blues will make it feel large and airy. You’ll almost be able to feel a summer breeze coming in through the window, even in the dead of winter. For some extra drama, you could do an accent wall in a darker blue hue.

Light Purple

The lavender flower is popular for its lovely scent, and its color is no different. Light purples such as lavender and lilac bring in a natural element to your bedroom that will please your eye and have a calming effect on your mind. Plus, purple is the color of elegance, luxury, and royalty. Elevate your space without overpowering your senses with a soft purple theme. Purple is a great choice for bedroom paint colors in a guest room, since it’s one of the most relaxing colors and will make your guests feel special and welcomed.

Light Green

If you really want to go all natural, think green! It’s the most prominent color in nature, and will make you feel rejuvenated and fulfilled. Like blue, light greens such as sage and mint bring light into your room and won’t overwhelm your mind. On the other hand, dark greens like forest or hunter can help you feel grounded and close to nature. It all depends on how you style it! Green is having a major moment in home design right now, so there is no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest. 


If you want to stick to a nature theme but can’t commit to a color, pick a nice, neutral brown such as greige or beige. Brown occurs everywhere in nature, but too much brown can make you feel isolated. Choose lighter shades and pair them with other neutrals such as black or white. Your bedroom will feel clean, cozy, and timeless!


You can’t go wrong with a classic white bedroom. White—whether it’s pure white, off-white, cream, or ivory—feels clean, soft, and calming. White is the best color for a small bedroom, because white walls will make the room feel large and spacious. As a bonus, any color will pop in a white room, so carefully choose accent pieces with your favorite colors to break up the monotony and brighten the space.

Blue + White + Brown

What’s more relaxing than the beach? Bring your happy place into your bedroom with a color scheme that reminds you of the beach. Shades of blue, white, and sandy browns will make you think of the calming waves and instantly help you feel refreshed and relaxed. 

Gray + Pastels

Gray is a solid, emotionless color that, when done correctly, can help you feel grounded. Add a pastel color to your gray room, such as purple or pink, and presto! Your room is the perfect combination of balance, vibrance, and elegance. Alternatively, you could pair it with a dark blue for a serene, luxurious feel—the balanced grey with the calming blue will set you up for a good night’s sleep almost every night. 

Black + White

No color scheme is more classic than black and white. It’s clean, elevated, and timeless all at once. The contrast gives you the crisp purity of the white and the deep elegance of the black. Like gray, black can help you feel grounded and, when it’s not overwhelming, black can even inspire creativity. Just for fun, consider adding some gold accents to elevate it just a little more.

Blue + Yellow

Blue and yellow go together like sunshine and summer. Because yellow is the color of happiness and energy, you have to be a little careful. Make sure to use softer, lighter shades of yellow so you don’t overwhelm yourself, or use the deeper shades in smaller amounts. This color scheme can be the perfect combo for someone who wants the best of both worlds—all the calming, serene effects of blue, mixed with the energy and joy of yellow. You’ll start and end each day with confidence and peace of mind.

Neutral Colors

If none of these color schemes are speaking to you, that’s ok! You can’t go wrong with a good neutral palate. You can easily find pieces in different shades of brown, black, and white. Your bedroom will always look elegant, clean, and natural—a perfect recipe for rest and relaxation. You can always throw in a pop of color such as dark green or pale blue to add some dimension while keeping the natural aesthetic.

Which color scheme should you choose?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong color scheme for your house or your bedroom. It all depends on your personal taste. The best way to pick a bedroom color scheme is to take some time to consider what makes you the most comfortable, as well as other details such as the layout of the room, your furniture, or any art you’ve picked out. 

Don’t forget that there’s more to a color scheme than just paint! There are many ways to express your style in your space. Play around with textures, shades, and different colors in your bedroom decor. And as a final step, think of all the art, books, pictures, and throw pillows that you’ll add to the room as time goes on. Does your color scheme reflect your true self? After all, the most important thing is that your bedroom  feels like a safe space for you to rest, relax, and be yourself. Content Split Rock today to get in touch with our builders and start your journey to owning real estate in St. George, Utah.



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